Flowers leave some of their fragrance
in the hand that bestows them.
-Chinese proverb

This is Corné’s passion,  like the Vegetable Garden,  his playground,  while Andre shares in collecting   miniatures.

Like other plants they first and foremost collect the rare and exotic plants that are on the red data list. Preservation is key.

Orchids are collected not only for their beauty but for breeding purposes and Corne does regular crosses of wonderful Cattleyas , Angreacums, Cymbidiums and of course the blue orchid Zygopetalums with their very fragrant flowers, of which we have our own line of crosses.

The nursery also supplies summer flowering heat tolerant Cymbidiums that Natal growers can grow.

Regular Cymbidiums were crossed with a new species that were found in Tropical China. Smaller but more abundant flowers, that tolerate the tropical heat, was the result.  Some were pendulous, perfect for a hanging basket or that bare tree trunk. Raindance Orchids have Cymbidiums that flower from Feb – Nov.

As companions to these wonderfull flowering Orchids we offer a wide variety of carniverous plants like Nepanthes,  Drossera and Venus fly traps.
Rare begonias and tillandsias will also find their way to your home if you behold them for the first time.

Corné Pretorius

Corné started to collect Orchids from the age of ten, when he saw his first bedazzled Orchid at a show.

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