Opus Vermiculatum

Opus Vermiculatum

André Beaurain ~ March 19, 2015

Because one can view the Front Garden from the Stoep which is about 1.5m up, it gave us the opportunity to do a traditional knot garden and mosaic, to be viewed from the top,  fitting with the Typical Swartland Victorian 1957 house.

Like all Gardens this one grows and changes with every passing year.

This is how it started.  I found this Bronze in a tiny Gallery in Melkbosstrand (can you believe it!)  Very Victorian Kitch, three cherubs dancing in a Circle.  I new where it was going.  Then I went to Pappino Cement to ask them to cast me a long Corinthian Pillar with a water pipe inside.  Done.

When we dug the hole for the Front Fountain we found a part of a  Ammonite fossil!  Yes again, Can you believe it!  Proof that where we live now was once a sea.  We built it into part of the ‘Mantle Piece’ in the Orchid House, so that it will always stay on this property.

Here is the sequence of events…


Opus 3 Opus 4 Opus 5 Opus 6 Opus 7 Opus 8 Opus 9 Opus 10 Opus 11 Opus 13 Opus 12 Opus 1 ????????