We came from the Earth,
we return to the Earth,
and in between we Garden

The Riebeek Valley Garden designs range from 10 000m2 gardens to minute patios and even singular pots.   Andres love for South African Succulents changed the way people look at Rockeries and Aloe Gardens, and Corne’s love for Orchids always find a way into peoples Gardens by adding a Conservatory or Tree ferns, for stem plantings.

Working together they entered a new era in garden design which involved changing of levels. Beds became 3 dimensional with height added to width and depth. The idea of a flat garden became plain and traditional. Soil became valuable, and beds where raised with earth excavated from the building, instead of carting it away.

Their stunning Garden Designs include all types and tastes of Gardens, from very formal to Meadows, Fynbos, Water, Rock, Vegetable, Shade and Dry Gardens. The incredibly neat installations and planting makes for a perfect marriage between plants and hard landscaping. Living in the Swartland the landscaping always brings the beauty of the Renosterveld into the garden, which  always forces you to stop and look.

The Landscaping team is very proud of the fact of never having an unhappy Client.

View some of the gardens we’ve enjoyed designing and building.

André Beaurain

Landscape Guru Andre Beaurain always even as a child had a passion of placing plants in the right way in the garden.

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Some of our clients are saying...

Hi Corné and André, Many thanks for your professional advice and friendly assistance. Kindly convey my thanks and appreciation to Kane and the team for their effort, respectfulness and “going the extra mile”.

Arthur Soule

Guys, We've so loved this process. Not only the excitement of the plan, not only the educational and inspiring chats, not only the cool staff, but also watching the vision unfold through the seasons. Love it.

Dennehof Magic Garden