In Japanese tradition the bonsai represents the three virtues (shin-zen-bi)
Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

The Bonsai Gallery can be viewed at the Riebeek Valley Garden Centre.

Andre’s or the Nursery  collection include a an array of very beautiful bonsai and species that will inspire you to take up this wonderful meditating art.

The nursery offers a wonderful collection of Acacias now named Senegalias, for bonsai material.

André is also perfecting the South African recognized Bonsai Style, the Pierneef, and experimenting with which specie is  best suited for this incredible Bonsai style.

This Bonsai Style was named after Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef, one of South Africas best artists. He was known for his paintings of typical South African trees and landscapes.

And incredible example of and Wit Apies Doring (White Monkey Thorn) Senegalia galpinii, in the Pierneef style, can be viewed in Andre’s Gallery.

Although the Nursery doesn’t sell any of these bonsai,  bonsai material,   in other words potential Bonsai, can be picked up at the Nursery.   As mentioned especially Acacias Senegalia, Galpinia transvaalica, Pyracantha, Berries, Eugenias, Miniature Carissas, Crassula, Portulacaria, Celtis, Wild Olives, Olea, and many more species that are excellent for the making of quick bonsai.

We also stock Pots, Bonsai Soil and everything you need for this wonderful, soul satisfying, hobby.

André Beaurain

Landscape Guru Andre Beaurain always even as a child had a passion of placing plants in the right way in the garden.

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